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The Bajan Blues and back to reality

There is nothing worse than a nasty dose of the Bajan Blues! Anyone who has visited the island will know how debilitating this affliction is, but there is the added complication of each dose increasing in severity.

To combat the symptoms, I had four lovely horses awaiting my return and I am now in full organisation mode.

I don’t know whether it was the fact I was going away, or the lack of necessity, but since the horses have gone out on the fields I have become much less organised with their exercise regime. However, having spent some time relaxing on a beach I am now itching to really knuckle down with their work and start focussing on some competitions. I tend to rely on others to plan my competitions (if someone else on the yard is going out, I then book in), but I now have all my competitions planned for July and August.

Just before I went away, I took Hannah to Warren Farm to do the two Medium classes. I was a little disorganised as it was my Grandma’s 80th lunch that day, but when I got to the venue I tacked up quickly and warmed up as much as I could before it was time to go in. The first test was M64 which I had not even ridden through. We both made some costly mistakes, but I was pleased to come 3rd with 60%. After all, this was our fist competitive medium test. The second test was much more organised as I had ridden through it several times with Helen Bradley. There were some ‘iffy’ bits (namely our walk pirouttes which are really quite shocking!) but her medium trots were super and her extended trot gained her a big shiny 8! I was absolutely thrilled when I realised she had come 1st with 62.8%… we had our petplan sheets and we were not a million miles off a qualifying score too!

I think the competition at Warren Farm really fired me up and allowed me to see how dedication and hard work can pay off. As a result I have quite a busy couple of weeks ahead, but I am looking forwards to having some concrete plans!

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